Ship Technology Department is mainly responsible for the technical guidance and ship-technology related management, arrangements on ship voyage repairment, shipyard maintenance, spare parts supply and ship inspection and so on.

Officers in the Department have quanlified cetificate of chief engineer with rich eperiences, meantime they keep learning in the jobs and study on relevant technical information and international conventions, rules, etc, which strengthen their management overview and improve their operational capacity. They give a lot of technical guidance to shipside to solve the difficulties, ensure the normal operation of the ships. The officers also assist the crew department to train and asses the performance of crew, to improve the skills of the crew, to ensure the ship's safe operation.

Ship Technology Department strictly follow the company policy on ship repairment, spare parts supply, inspections, etc with the principles of efficient and high-quality. With comparing between many suppliers , to organize crew self-repairment to save company cost. Ship Technology Department will keep on their efforts to enhance their management capacity and to make more contributions.

Marine Department is mainly responsible for the safety of navigation and related management work. They give guidance on cargo stowage, cargo operation, ship routes, sheltering, and ship security work, they also arrange nautical books, collect port information and other security related information and weather information for the ships.

The officers of Marine Department are captains,with rich onboard experiences. They also keep themselves learning new knowledge and focus on improvement of their management capacity. Their diligent work and proffesional skills guarantee the safe operation of our fleet, no terriable damage, collisions and fire incidents, nor security accidents. They make great contribution to our company and vessel fleet.

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