Port State Control is referred as the last line of defense for maritime security and all parties of shipping circle attach much importance to it. The ship presentation during the PSC reflects the management ability and level of shipping company directly, further to influence their reputation and benefit . Therefore ,it is so important to do this management.

Our company has been paying high attention to the management of ship PSC inspection all the time and found leadership team in special to coordinate 、control 、emergency handle the PSC inspection matters. We also formulate the 《The management rules of PSC/FSC inspection》in the safety management system document specially, stating how the ship should prepare 、accompany and cooperate with inspection ,how to response flexibly during the inspection ,how to correct the follow-up defects and how to disposal when ships faced up the risk of being detained.

In the same time, our company found the reward and punishment system to arouse the enthusiasm of all staff to carry various management regulations to the daily management and PSC inspection and we get a good result. Our ships all get a good grade during the PSC inspection and there are no ship detained in recent 6 years ,meanwhile, our ship defect rate is declining year by year and remain at a lower level. The risk level of our all ships is confirmed above standard in Tokyo MOU.

We will keep trying to perfect the regulations of PSC inspection and management, give more guidance and supervision to the ship to maintain our good result gotten during the PSC inspection and make sure the safety of the ship 、crew、property and environment . To grasp the last maritime safety line and make contribution to our company!

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