Our company is engaged in international transportation of bulk and general cargo, our company began to establish the safety management system (referred to as SMS)in the year 2000 according to the requirements of "International Safety and Pollution Prevention Management Rules" (ISM Code), and in 2002 our company got approved in the audit by Ministry of Transportation, got the certificate "Documents of Compliance "(DOC). Ours ships have access to "Safety Management Certificate" (SMC). Our company is one of the several companies which have been issued the DOC in Jiangsu Province.

ISM office is established accompanied by the implementation of the ISM Code, who has made a contribution to the establishment and effective operation of the company's safety management system. ISM office is responsible for running the organization and monitoring operation, assisting the designated person to monitor regularly on the system, internal audit, and to constantly revise and to improve the SMC documents, also to find the non-compliance situations, so that our SMC could be improved and ensure the safe operation of the ships.

From the time DOC issued, ISM office has assisted the general manager to complete many internal audits, external audits and evaluation. Our company has managed a various ships which have complete their shipments well, rich management experiences has beeen accumulated in the same time. In order to better manage the ships and to maintain the efficient operation of the SMC, we have built up a good foundation with good conditions.

The company's DOC has experienced twice annual audits, the documents will be upgraded to version 3.0. ISM office will continue to work for the SMC to operate effectively and make greater contributions.

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